The Pioner 13 makes owning a boat easy. It is even, stable and easy to drive. Good seaworthiness is appreciated by both new boat owners and experienced boaters alike. The boat is suitable for smaller 4-stroke engines and rowing.The standard model is spacious and has ample room for five people. Luggage, equipment and the fuel tank can be placed in two lockable storage areas. The boat can be equipped with a railing set and set of cushions.

Tradisjonell robåt

Traditionell roddbåt
Farbe none ...
Standardfarge|Standardfärg|Standard colour|Vakioväri|Standardfarbe||Standard colour|
Bestillingsfarge|Beställningsfärg|Colour ordered|Tilausväri|Bestellfarbe||Colour ordered|
Motor none ...
Uten motor|Utan motor|No engine|Ilman moottoria|Ohne Motor||No engine|
4 HK|4 HK|4 HP|4 HV|4 PS||4 HP|
6 HK|6 HK|6 HP|6 HV|6 PS||6 HP|
8 HK|8 HK|8 HP|8 HV|8 PS||8 HP|
Steuerkonsole und Sitz none ...
Putesett (front+midt+akter)|Dynset (för+mitt+akter)|Cushion set|Tyynysarja (kolmelle penkille)|Sitzkissensatz (Bug + Mitte + Heck)||Cushion set|
Anderweitige ausstattung none ...
Rekkesett front|Sidoräcken för|Rails fore|RST sivukaiteet keulaan|Reling Bug||Rails fore|
Rekkesett akter|Sidoräcken akter|Rails stern|RST sivukaiteet perään|Reling Heck||Rails stern|
Optionales Zubehör none ...
No option detected for the component. You need at least one option per component.